Practical information

The island of Ouessant is an exceptionally beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean, about 20 kilometers to the West of the most western point of France. Participants of the workshop are expected to arrive at Ouessant Monday June 27th at noon, and to leave Ouessant Friday July 1rst in the afternoon.

How to get there

There essentially are 2 ways of traveling to Ouessant from the main land: by boat or by plane.

By boat

The company Penn Ar Bed has two daily departures to Ouessant from the harbor of Brest, an easy 10 minutes down-hill walk from the SNCF railway station of Brest, at 7h45 and 8h30 (on a 24-hour clock). The boat trip from Brest to Ouessant takes about 2h30, and contains two intermediate stops, one at Le Conquet and one at the island of Molène. A round-trip ticket Brest-Ouessant costs about 30 euro. This is probably the nicest way to go to Ouessant by boat, as the trip leads you along one of the most beautiful coastlines of Europe.

There are also departures to Ouessant from the small town of Le Conquet at 9h00, 9h30, 9h45, 11h00 and 17h15. Two of these are by Penn Ar Bed with a round-trip fare of about 26 euro, the other 3 are by Finist'mer with a round-trip fare of about 25 euro. The Finist'mer trip from Le Conquet to Ouessant takes about 30 minutes, the Penn Ar Bed trip takes about 1h15.

It should be mentioned, however, that Le Conquet cannot be reached by train. There is a bus service from the main bus station of Brest, which is close to the SNCF train station, to Le Conquet leaving at 7h45 that arrives at 8h25 at Le Conquet. A one-way ticket costs 2 euro. There will also be some room available in private cars of participants to go from Brest to Le Conquet. Please ask the organizers upon registration, if you are interested.

By plane

From the airport Guipavas of Brest, there are direct flights to the island of Ouessant by the company Finist'air. There are daily departures at 8h30 and 16h45. A round-trip ticket costs 87 euro.

In any case, let us know your travel plans in advance. Since June is the nicest month to visit Ouessant, reservation of either means of transportation is recommended. We can also make hotel reservations in Brest for participants who arrive in Brest on Sunday June 26th, or who leave Brest on Saturday July 2nd.

How to stay there

We have booked rooms, including breakfast, in several hotels, all located near the conference center, from Monday June 27th until Friday July 1rst, i.e. 4 nights. Since Ouessant does not have many restaurants, we will organise lunch and dinner for all participants at a good local restaurant, starting with Monday's lunch until Friday's lunch, inclusive, i.e., 5 lunches and 4 dinners. As prices of the hotel rooms vary, we have 2 different participation fees, that include hotel room, breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks during the whole workshop:

Please indicate upon inscription which hotel room you prefer. The participation fee is due on Tuesday June 28th, preferably by credit card. Members of the RAAG network can contact their local RAAG coordinator for financial support. Unfortunately, there is no other financial support available.

How to get away

Penn Ar Bed has 2 departures per day from Ouessant to Brest or Le Conquet: one at 17h00 and one at 19h30. Finist'mer has one departure at 11h40 to Le Conquet. The bus from Le Conquet to Brest leaves at 9h15, 13h00 or 17h30 and arrives 40 minutes later at Brest. Finist'air has two departures per day from Ouessant to Guipavas: one at 9h00 and one at 17h15.